Talren Rolodhen

techsgtjenn said: Congratulations on the baby! How's your mom doing?

She’s doing well.

Had a little baby girl.

6 lbs or something. I know people like to know the demensions of the child.

Named ariel leanne.

Sorry guys I won’t be able to make it tonight.

I really don’t want to miss the first “Real” session but my mom decided to have her baby today.

Maybe next time.

Have fun!

Good game tonight everyone.

It was very enjoyable.

Much thanks to jthawthorne for putting it together on such short notice.


As a young Gnome Talren was torn from his family by a group of brigands in a raid. After several weeks of being kicked around and drug behind horses he was finally liberated when the brigands wandered into the territory of the Satori Samurai Dojo. As the din of battle died down around him, Talren was approached by an ancient man in glorious armor. The sensei offered to let Talren join his school on the condition that he fend for himself since he had no money to pay for it. Having no other options, Talren accepted. For many years he endured the teasing and abuse of the other students, because of his size and poverty. He managed to keep himself fed, if only barely. On graduation day he emerged from the school’s gate with an optimism and fearlessness only his upbringing could have developed. All samurai have their own code and Talren was no different. He vowed to always protect the poor and innocent against those who would take advantage of them, as well as to never run from an enemy no matter how big, for fear would not control him. He would prove to everyone that size does not determine the worth of a warrior.

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Upon my creation, the Gods tossed my essence into the fluorescent swirl of our universe. Caught in the tumultuous whirlpool of lives already lived and those yet to be, I clash with and cling to ideas and traits that will determine what kind of being I will become. *Crash* the way of the honorable Samurai. *Bang* the ferocious race of the Orcs, a great compliment to the life of a Samurai. Wait, no! This facet of myself is knocked away by something else. It’s small… But powerful in its own way. Gnome! A Samurai Gnome? My life will be an interesting one indeed.

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